X-Grid Range

X-Grid Permeable Paving Grid - Black
X-Grid Black

X-Grid Gravel Paving Grid - Natural White
X-Grid Natural

X-Grid Recycled Plastic Grass Paver - Green
X-Grid Green

Lightweight, Yet Strong

When it comes to strength, X-Grid is possibly the strongest grid on the market relative to its weight. Weighing in at just over 5kg per square metre but capable of withstanding over 420 tonnes of compression per square metre even before being filled, it is one of the most efficient ground reinforcement grids available today.

Manufactured from a durable polypropylene which has been specially formulated to prevent it being brittle, it can cope with even the harshest of treatment and is used in a huge range of applications from 1m² to 10,000m² and from pedestrian use to HGV parking.

UK Design & Manufacture

With the current wider economic climate being uncertain, the emphasis on products which are designed and manufactured in the UK is becoming more prominent as supply issues and rising costs can start to be a problem. X-Grid is wholly designed and manufactured in the UK using recycled plastic which has also been sourced domestically, which ensures total control over production volumes and costs.

Manufactured to the highest standards and quality checked to ensure that each and every single panel of X-Grid which is dispatched is the best it can possibly be, giving our customers total peace of mind.

Technical Details

Property Detail
Dimensions mm 330 x 330 x 40
Wall Thickness mm 3
Weight kg 0.57
Panels/m² Panels/m² 9 (nominal m²)
Weight kg/m² 5.13
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Material Properties Polypropylene [PP] (100% recycled – UK Sourced)
Connection Method Integrated Quick-Snap Slot & Peg
Cell Profile (LxW [at widest point]) Inner Asymmetric 85mm x 45mm
Outer Asymmetric 102mm x 55mm
Cylindrical 55mm Ø
Void Ratio % Open 93
Load Bearing Capacity Tonnes/m² 428 (unfilled)
Operating Temperature °C -50 to +90°C
Environmental Compatibility DIN 38412 Environmentally Neutral
Chemical Reactivity Resistant to acid, leaching, alcohol, oil, petrol, strewing salts, ammonia etc
Grid-Fill Mediums NBS Sec Q23 Angular Gravel up to 20mm Ø
NBS Sec Q30 Grass Seeding/Turfing
Life Expectancy 25 Years (10 years manufacturing defect warranty)
Sub-Base Requirements In accordance with DS7533-3
Max Gradient 12%
Max Vehicle Speed 15mph
Max Carry Load DIN 1072 30 tonne axle load
Rate of Installation m²/hr/person 100
Compliances DDA Part M Compliant
Car Parking DIN IN ISO 124/B125
Colours Black / Green / Natural