X-Grid Accessories

To complement our X-Grid ground reinforcement grid range, we have a number of ancillary items which can be used in conjunction with an X-Grid installation.

With a number of different fixings to help retain the grid in situations where there is a gradient, delineators for marking out parking bays, roads or pathways, and the GeoBorder edging product which can be used to create a clean and continuous straight edge along side the X-Grid surface.

Geoborder Edging Restraint

These interlocking recycled plastic edging restraints are perfect for use with X-Grid to provide a solid edge.

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Geoborder Plastic Nails

Made from durable recycled plastic, these nails are designed for use with the Geoborder edge retention product.

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X-Grid Parking Delineators

Designed to fit inside the round holes in X-Grid, these white markers are perfect for creating roads and parking bays.

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Steel u-Pins

Occasionally used to secure X-Grid on installations with a gradient to prevent slippage.

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Long Steel

For securing X-Grid on gradient installations, the pins can fit inside an X-Grid panel.

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Anchor Pegs

A plastic alternative to the u-pin or j-pin, the anchor pegs can help retain X-Grid on a gradient.

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